Friday, November 12, 2010

Baldy - bondo box picture contest.

Baldy - bondo box picture contest.

From Day 12's writing:

*** Bondo ***

A very popular putty in the islands. Much more popular than that sill putty. Gives rise to the term Bondo Box which is used to describe a vehicle repaired with lots of the putty. Often driven on the roads in a state where the repairs are still visible due to the fact that the vehicle has not been repainted or not repainted properly.

Looked for images of bondo boxes and came up blank so I had this little idea. Take a picture of a bondo box in your area. Put it somewhere on the net under a CC BY-SA or a CC BY license and let is know about it at this link:
Baldy - bondo box picture contest. As a prize, the winner gets named the winner. Woot.

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