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15. Baldy Nov 15 Mon

(2:50 pm Mon Nov 15, 2010)

[ Fri Nov 12, 2010 - night ]

Ouch and double ouch! No make that ouch squared!

First I find that I have messed up the day and date in yesterdays postings and so I have to go bake and make those corrections. Fine and dandy. A waste of time due to a silly mistake but ok.

Then I get ready for the day and what do I find? It is only Friday night in novel time. I mean, what's up with that!

Dat jus een right! An errybody know dat! Fa true! Man how you akin?

*** Abaco ***

Seriously though gentle reader, how did it come to this?

Abaco. Habaco heven.

abaco y abaco y abaco y abaco y abaco y
aba coy aba coy aba coy aba coy aba coy
coy aba coy aba coy aba coy aba coy aba
coyaba coyaba coyaba coyaba coyaba

See how she fly. See how she fry?

Baldy and Buster decided to stake out the corner store so they send Stan down to the local copy shop to print out about one two thousand steak out tickets and sell them around the neighbourhood. You can't have a good stake out without a good steak out after all, just ask the local police about their successful steak outs.

They hung around the place all night but after the store closed up and went dark for the night, the keep never came out as far as they could tell.

[ Sat Nov 13, 2010 - morning ]

Ouch again gentle reader, I have just found more day and day issues and gone back and fixed them in my local copy but will not take the time yet to fix the online copy. Sorry about that.

So it was an unsuccessful stake out but a successful steak out. They sold eighteen thousand dollars of tickets overnight. Now I know that might seem unbelievable gentle reader but it is hard to say no to Killer when he puts a nice steak out ticked in fron of you and gently suggests that you might like to buy one. Or more!

(3:15 pm Mon Nov 15, 2010)

The store opened up again on Saturday morning and Baldy stepped inside to look around for signs of Mary after a number of customers had begun shopping. He didn't find any and decided to ask the customers but once again the shop keeper noticed him and put him out of the store with angry words added.

"You can't treat me like this!" growled Baldy. When Mary comes back I am going to tell her about this and you will lose our business for sure."

The keep ignored him and went back inside. Baldy saw his chance and went and quickly marked the front door of the shop as his own. The shop keeper came running out swinging a broom but Baldy and Buster were already safe on the other side of the street.

(3:34 pm Mon Nov 15, 2010)

*** Eleuthera ***

Eleuthera. Freedom baby freedom! But sometimes freedom don't come cheap. Sometimes, it costs a lot to be Free. Sometimes, it costs a lot to get Free. Sometimes, it costs a lot to live Free. Sometimes, it costs a lot to stay Free.

Eleuthera. Adventure.

Eleuthera. One road.

Eleuthera. Pineapple.

Eleuthera. Glass window.

Eleuthera. Cows.

Eleuthera. Milk.

Eleuthera. Current.

Eleuthera. Past.

"OK, look Buster," said Baldy. "I want you to go and get Stan and ask him to round up enough crew to stake this place out again today. We will set up a rotation. No way is that shop keeper getting out of this place without us seeing. Get moving."

Buster flew off towards Stan's place with the message.

Baldy settled down to watch and wait.

About a half an hour later, Stan arrived with the troops. Baldy welcomed and thanked everyone. Then he laid out the plans and gave everyone their jobs. Buster pulled walkie talkies for everyone out of his pocket and passed them out. Then they split up. Some went to station themselves around the store so that they could observe all sides so that nothing could slip past them. The rest went back to their daily business until their shift rolled around. The plan was that after everyone was in place surrounding the store, Baldy would make one more run inside to make certain that the store keeper had not left without being seen when Buster was gathering the troops.

So Baldy dashed in and came flying right back out being chased by the shop keeper, this time with a cutlass in his hand.

"Yup, he's still there!" said Baldy panting as he ran the block to where Buster had set up stake out command headquarters.

[ Sat Nov 13, 2010 - mid-morning ]

Customers came and went all morning but there was no sign of Mary and little sign of the shop keeper. He poked his head out of the front door every half hour or so to look around. He would shout at Baldy if he caught a glimpse of him but either way, he ducked right back into his store every time.

There was bored shatter on the walkie talkies throughout the morning as the stake out crew checked in and gave their reports. The odd joke passed over the airwaves too.

[ Sat Nov 13, 2010 - noon ]

Stan showed up with steak dinners for everyone and with the replacement watchers. The replacements ate their dinners first and then went and took up their positions while the old watchers came and had their steak dinners.

Stan told Baldy and Buster to go home and get some rest and that he would man the command headquarters for them while they rested. At first they refused but Killer insisted and also explained that they might need their rest for the night if anything happened after the store closed. Let's just say Killer was persuasive, shall we gentle reader...

(4:05 pm Mon Nov 15, 2010)

*** Exuma ***

Put that in your Pipe Creep and smoke it! Get it? Pipe Creep. Pipe Creek. Get it?

Exuma. Park.

Exuma. Cut.

Exuma. Iguana.

Exuma. Inagua. No wait!

Exuma. Pig.

Exuma. Great.

Exuma. Little.

Exuma. Cays.

(4:16 pm Mon Nov 15, 2010)

(4:48 pm Mon Nov 15, 2010)

Dis time mussee coat with teflon hey?

Yeah man, and earl with conch slop besides.

Da ting is, why she can slide back fa ma? Why she always slide forward. I need dis time ta reverse back fa ma.

Man, you know time een go like dat.

Perhaps instead of a word well I need to switch over to a word mine gentle reader. Picture the words come marching out of the mine at the end of a shift. All on their own. No need for me to stand at the well, cranking the handle to lift the buckets of words up from the depths to the surface. One bucket at a time. No need at all. Rather the words can just come marching up out of the ground all on their own. Under their own power. Little or no effort required on my part. other than to make way for them perhaps. To make sure that there is no cave in to block the entrance to the word mine perhaps.

[ Sat Nov 13, 2010 - late afternoon ]

Baldy and Buster return to command headquarters.

"Anything happened while we were gone?" asked Baldy.

"Nothing much. Not really," replied Stan. "Do you think we are wasting our time?"

"I hope not. No, I don't think so," said Baldy. "Something about that shop keeper smells fishy to me."

"Well, that's OK with me for now," said Stan, "but I don't think we can keep up this level of commitment in the ranks without results. It is a lot to ask of friends Baldy. A lot."

"Yeah, I know. I appreciate everything you and the guys are doing. A lot. Listen, if we don't see where he goes tonight and learn something worthwhile, I will break into the store for a look around. I can't imagine that the store keeper is living in there day and night," said Baldy.

"That sounds like a plan, Baldy. You da man."

"No Stan, you da Man!" said Baldy.

"Yeah, well, you got me there," replied Stan.

(5:24 pm Mon Nov 15, 2010)

[ Sat Nov 13, 2010 - night ]

The store closed and the lookouts kept an even sharper eye out for the store keeper to leave. But there was no sign that he did. They saw him lock up and then the lights in the store went out but after that, nothing. All was quiet. No one left the store. Certainly not the shop keeper.

*** Bimini ***

Bimini. Lickin.

Bimini. Papa.

Bimini. Chalks.

Bimini. Stream.

Bimini. Marlin.

Bimini. LNG fracas.

Bimini. Piccolo.

Bimini. Boxing.

Bimini. Fishing.

(6:02 pm Mon Nov 15, 2010)

(6:32 pm Mon Nov 15, 2010)

There it goes again.

Lickin stick.

At about 11 o'clock, Baldy decided enough was enough and went around back behind the store and used a crow bar to pry off the security screen from one of the windows and slipped into the office of the store. There was no one in the office.

The office had a raised floor and a one way mirror that overlooked the store proper.

"No wonder he caught me so easily," mumbled Baldy to himself.

Carefully, opened the door between the office and the store proper. He slipped quietly through the door into the store and began to search very carefully for signs of Mary or of the shop keeper.

On his first go around of the store there was no signs of Mary at all and while there were signs of the shop keeper throughout the entire store, there was no actual shop keeper anywhere in the store.

(6:55 pm Mon Nov 15, 2010) 33963

Baldy opened the front door of the store and called to Stan, "Hey, come in here for a minute and see if you can see anything I missed."

So the two friends searched the store again. And came up empty again. So they searched it for the third time. And again nothing.

"What are we missing?" moaned Baldy. He didn't leave and he isn't here. That just isn't possible. How did he get out without us seeing him?"

"We had all the doors and windows covered," said Stan. "He didn't fly out from the roof so that leaves only one option."

"Right!" exclaimed Baldy. "He must have crawled out through the floor. There must be a tunnel around here somewhere. Let's find it. I will tear this place apart if I have to."

Now that he knew what he was looking for, things sort of fell into place. Baldy noticed an unusual concentration of the shop keeper's scent around the end of one display aisle. He began chewing and pawing at it until he hit on something by accident and the end of the aisle swung outward revealing a stairway leading down into the darkness.

"Here Stan, look at this!"

"You found it Baldy, way to go!"

"Hey, go round up the guys and let's go see what we can see. And be quick please."

Stan was back in two shakes but Baldy hadn't been able to wait. Stan picked up his trail heading down the steps into the dark.

"Baldy!" he called down. "Wait up, we're here now an heading down."

Baldy's voice came from a distance, "Hurry up then. I will slow down until you catch up."

[ Sun Nov 14, 2010 - early am ]

(7:14 pm Mon Nov 15, 2010) 34258

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