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13. Baldy Nov 13 Sat

(8:08 am Sat Nov 13, 2010)

(11:52 am Sat Nov 13, 2010)

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch! Who am I kidding? How did I let that much of the morning slip away with so little to show for it novel wise? Crazy. Looks like my afternoon plans will have to be rewritten. I can't really afford to rewrite my evening plans so the crunch is here. The heat is on.

[ Fri Nov 11, 2010 - morning ]

Out of sync again.

*** Gully ***

I know what you may be thinking... here we go again with the strange co-incidences with the daily words play. We shall see.

Gully. A deep ditch made by running water. They don't say where the water was running to but if popular songs are any guide there is a good chance the water was running to the sea.

Gully. A sea gull. At least around here. I can't say for everywhere.

The Gully. New to me too. Look it up yourself.

Gully Roosters. Your call.

Green Turtle Cay all the way.

(12:19 pm Sat Nov 13, 2010)

After breakfast, everyone was feeling a whole lot better and ready to face the day with renewed energy and determination.

Baldy wanted to see the coins and gems again and so Mary brought them out to the table and laid them all out.

"Whooo doggie, don't they look sweet?" said Baldy.

"They sure do," agreed Buster, "Hey wait! isn't there one doubloon missing?"

"Of course there is," said Baldy. "Don't you remember we gave one to Prince?"

"I know that," replied Buster. "I am taking that into account and I think there is another one missing from last night."

"Wait, let me count," cried Baldy looking carefully at the table on which the box's contents were displayed. "I make it eleven here now so with the one we gave Prince that makes twelve. You think there were thirteen?"

"I think so," said Buster.

"Well let me count how many fell out of the box the first day." Once again he let his mind travel back to when the contents of his box spilled on the ground. When that had happened, everything slowed right down. He replayed the scene in his head, counting every coin and every gem as it fell slowly to the ground. "I make it thirteen doubloons like you say and twenty four gems. I should have make that list before now but I forgot."

"So one coin is missing. Did we miss one when we got them back? I don't think so. Can you do that counting thing again and count how many be collected?" asked Buster.

"I think I can do that, give me a second." Baldy shut his eyes and replayed the fight and the victory and the collecting of his treasure. "I make it thirteen doubloons and twenty four gems. So we have all the gems but one coin has gone missing!"

(12:58 pm Sat Nov 13, 2010) 28644

*** Funky ***

Funky. Nassau. What else could it be gentle reader? Nothing else would fit I submit.

Come with me sweet gal
To Abaco
Come with me sweet gal
To Abaco
Nothing else will fit
I submit, I submit
Nothing else will fit
I submit, I submit
Going down
To buy some bread today
Laying down
To ease my head I pray
Nothing else will fit
I submit, I submit
Nothing else will fit
I submit, I submit

Submit dat! Gentle reader, submit dat!

(1:56 pm Sat Nov 13, 2010)

My brain and fingers mussee on work to rule today gentle reader. I cannot seem to get properly untracked.

Just for the record gentle reader, this morning on my walk, I saw what appeared to be a very large, grey gull. I don't recall seeing such a bird before. That was on the outward leg. While homeward bound, I saw a big white water bird.

"Mary, would you go and check that you did not miss one when you got them this morning?" asked Buster.

"Yeah, that's a good idea, quick Mary," agreed Baldy.

"What is up with you two?" asked Mary.

"Look here," said Baldy moving the coins along one at a time with his paw, "you can see that one doubloon is missing. Did you leave it in the hiding place?"

Mary watched Baldy counting the coins again and again, "What, are there some missing?" she asked.

"Yes, one. Can't you understand what I am saying? Go and look for it please."

Mary got up and went to see if she could find any extra coins. She was gone for a short time and returned shaking her head, "I don't see any more coins guys. This must be all there were."

"That is not all there were," barked Baldy. "There was one more."

(2:46 pm Sat Nov 13, 2010) 28957

Baldy was beside himself, "This cannot be happening," he barked. "No way! We just got them back and one has gone missing from the house in the night? How?"

"I'm sorry Baldy," said Mary. "I don't know where it could have gone. I don't see how it is possible."

"Go look again!" barked Baldy.

"I'm sorry guys, I can't take any more time looking right now. I have to go to a job I booked last night. I will have to kick you two out for the day. Why don't you go out to the beach and have a relaxing day?" she said.

"What? Come on... No. Mary please, no!" pleaded Baldy. "What if the thief comes back for the rest of my stuff?"

"Hmmm." said Mary. "Just in case someone did take a coin and they might come back for the rest, I will put them in a new hiding place."

Baldy howled his protest as Mary put him out and shooed Buster out behind him, "Come on you two, stop this protest, go to the beach and have yourselves a fun day. You need a break."

*** Slick ***

Slick - smooth and slippery.

Slick - made slick by a coating of ice or oil for instance.

Slick - tricky, crafty.

Slick - a film of oil or garbage on the top of the water.

Slick - satiny smooth and gleaming.

Now when Mary put the two B's out, they decided to jump slick. They pretended to head out for the beach without further protest but when they went around the corner they doubled back and went into Stan's yard and up onto his roof to watch for Mary when she left.

(Can you figure which slick the phrase to jump slick comes from gentle reader?)

"Hey you two! What are you doing up on my roof?" called Stan.

"Shhhhhh," whispered Baldy. "Be quiet, we don't want Mary to know we are here."

"Why, what are you two up to? Something sneaky?" called Stan.

"You might say that now please be quiet!" whispered Baldy.

"Give me a hand up then," called Stan, reaching up a paw.

Baldy struggled. Stan was not lightweight but finally the three friends were up on the roof together, up at the roof line, looking towards Mary's place. Smiles on their faces. They saw the front door to Mary's house open and Mary's foot come through the doorway.

Then Rug started yipping and carrying on and making a genuine nuisance of himself. Making enough noise to wake the dead.

They ducked quickly below the roof line. They heard Mary call out. "Hey Rug, what has gotten into you this morning huh? You having a break in over there? Where is Killer? Can't he handle things?"

Stan growled, "Of course I can handle things in my own yard! What is she talking about. I don't like her bad mouthing me in front of that little rat."

"Quiet, she'll hear you!" hissed Buster.

"You sound like a snake," laughed Stan standing up. "It doesn't matter if she sees me. I am supposed to be here. just don't let her see you." he whispered. "Hey Mary, how are you doing this morning! Have you seen Baldy this morning?" he called.

"Oh hey Killer. I didn't see you before. What are you doing up on the roof. Is that what has Rug so upset? Sorry, no Baldy to play with today. He and Buster went to the beach. Keep an eye on my place for me while I am gone will you? I don't want anyone sneaking around while I am gone."

"Sure thing Mary," called down Stan, a big grin on his face.

Down below, Rug was going ballistic. "Quiet down ya rat or I will eat you next time I get a chance called out Stan," laughing mightily.

If anything, Rug's output level went up. Stan laughed some more.

"Are you sure everything is OK over there Killer?" called out Mary on her way out of her front gate.

"Oh, sure, no problem," called Stan, "Rug just hasn't had his depends changed yet for the morning is all Mary," he laughed.

(4:46 pm Sat Nov 13, 2010) 29658

*** Flow ***

Flow - How water moves from place to place. Other liquids too.

Flow - To move like water moves. When you are not water or some other liquid.

Flow - the quantity of a liquid that moves in a given amount of time.

Flow - to be used or present in large quantities. The wine sure flowed at the party last night.

Flow - what thoughts do when uninterrupted.

Go with the flow. Don't fight events.

So there you have it gentle reader. The last key word for the day. It has been a long haul. A struggle if you will. A day when I had to fight to make progress. A day of very little flow to go with. I mean, just look at home much time has passed for my lovable characters. Almost none. So that means we are now even more unsynced.

(4:46 pm Sat Nov 13, 2010)

(5:35 pm Sat Nov 13, 2010)

So while I was out feeding my dogs I remembered some other things that flow gentle reader. Yes, you remember my dogs right? Balto, Calypso, and Shadow. Right them.

So the first thing I thought of was lava, hot lava, molten rock. Solid rock that has been heated until it melts and become liquid allowing it to flow. Hot lava, that favourite substance in a boy's pretend stories.

The second thing I though of that flows is love. How could I have missed that in the first instance?

Getting close to two thousand gentle reader. Should I go with the flow or push on through? I think I just have to try and go on a little word sprint and get her done as soon as possible. Dig down in the word well and pull up enough words to cross the line.

The last tree.

Standing alone. Wondering where its brothers have gone. Wondering why they left. Was it something it said? Did it smell bad? Once a great forest stood all around and now, the last tree. Alone. Confused. Sometimes bored. Sometimes angry. Sometime. Sometimes. Sometimes at a loss for words. It sits silent. Perhaps someday it will let its rings tell its story after it is no longer the last tree. At some perhaps distant point when it may get cut down and no longer suffer the ignominy of being the last tree.

Let the stone masons make of it what they will.

The last tree.

Closer and closer and closer to the quota. Why was there no quota for the trees it wonders. Will the cities ever learn? Will the people learn? Do they consider the tree an enemy? If so, for what reason? What did the tree ever to to harm them?

Eighty seven men head out on a quest for new lands. New trees. Rocket off in search of adventure and glory and what else, treasure.

Wisdom before treasure.

The last tree.

[ Fri Nov 11, 2010 - mid-morning ]

Sorry about that gentle reader. A little progress today. At least a little progress.

Party Time!

(6:03 pm Sat Nov 13, 2010) 30176

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