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17. Baldy Nov 17 Wed

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*** Book ***

Book. A bound collection of pages to write in.

Book. A bound collection of printed pages to read from.

Book. To give a traffic ticket to.

Book. To penalize as in football.

Book. Club. Book. Report. Book. Ledger. Book. Bind. Book. Paper. Book. Novel. Book. This. Book. Digital. Boos. This. Book. Song. Book. Poetry. Book. Scroll. Book. Library. Book. Play. Play. Book.

To go by the book. To follow the rules.

To play da ting.

Da Play's da ting.

Ting a ling.

Ring ring ring!

Watch out for the archer.

Stan and his team saw the shop keeper close up shop and then later the lights went out and that was that. Pretty much like the last nights they had staked out the place. Once the lights went out he called Baldy on the Buster supplied radios and let him know what was what.

About forty five minutes later Baldy watched as the shop keeper came out of the warehouse and got into the back of a limousine and closed the door.

Baldy saw him say something to the drive as the door was closing and then the driver put the limo in gear and pulled off. Baldy memorized the license plate number and ran to keep up. Buster took off to keep an eye on the limo from the air.

(3:23 pm Wed Nov 17, 2010)

The limo slowed down as it came to the gates and then pulled out into the bay Street traffic heading east but took the first street heading south that it came to and then headed west on Shirley Street.

Please note gentle reader, there are some places that I cannot give you good locations of as it might compromise the integrity of the story and plus, if you get curious and go to snoop around some of these places you may end up in danger from the less than illustrious character that inhabit them in the novel.

It was tough to keep up but Baldy pushed himself. Buster proved invaluable a few times when Baldy lost the limo around corners. Eventually, the vehicle pulled into a driveway and waited while a high gate, set in high block walls topped with wrought iron spear points, opened to admit it. As it pulled through, the gate immediately began to close. Baldy waited for the limo to get a good way away from the gate and slipped through just before it closed completely.

"You made it," radioed Buster, "good going."

"Thanks," grunted Baldy, following the limo at a safe distance.

The driver pulled up in front of a large, well lit home set on a hill top overlooking a Lake Cunningham. The shop keeper got out of the back and went into the house and then the driver pulled to limo down to a stand alone, two story building that was a garage on the bottom. He pulled in, cut the motor and then got out and walked out of the building before hitting the remote to close the garage door. Once it shut, he climbed the steps on the side of the building and let himself into a door on the second floor. The lights went on.

(3:44 pm Wed Nov 17, 2010)

*** Monkey ***

Monkey see, monkey do. I got a monkey on my back. You look like a monkey, and you smell like one too. Stop monkeying around. You trying to make a monkey out of me? You having more fun than a barrel full of monkeys huh?

Just so you know. You have your old world monkeys and you new world monkeys. Your old world monkeys can't swing by their tails. Some of your new world monkeys can. Can you say prehensile? Sweet.

Monkey wrench. Someone may have thrown a monkey wrench into my day. Things are coming apart at the seams. Or so it seems. In your dreams. They say the monkey got drunk.

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(6:21 pm Wed Nov 17, 2010)

So much fun when you day slips away with nothing to show for it. Word-ly speaking as it were.

Buster swooped down to where Baldy was hiding behind a croton bush.

"What are we going to do now? The other's did not get here in time to slip through the gate," said Buster.

"I don't know yet. I want to see what is going on in that house. Why don't you fly around the property and see if you can find a way for the rest of the guys to get in?" asked Baldy. "I am going to see what I can see through the windows."

"OK, listen be careful. Don't let anyone inside see you looking in."

"Don't worry about me, find a way in for the guys. It will be good to have backup if something does go wrong."

Buster took off to scout out the perimeter while Baldy eased on up to the side wall of the building and began looking in one window after another. Moving along the side wall, then the back wall and so on. Some of the rooms were dark and some were lit but he did not see anyone in any of them. Neither the dark rooms nor the lit ones.

It wasn't until he came around the corner to the front of the house and peered in to the second room along that he saw someone. The shop keeper. He was sitting alone in the middle of the room with his eyes closed listening to his stereo player. A small smile on his face.

As he listened he was doing that magician thing, knuckle rolling a coin along his fingers, then back around, sometimes making it disappear and reappear.

It looked like a doubloon. Baldy growled deep in his throat.

Baldy was staring intently into the window when he felt a collar slip over his head and tighten up. He turned around in surprise to see the driver at the end of a long pole.

"Come on pooch, what are you doing around here. Why are you looking into the window. We don't like snoops around here."

Baldy tried to attack but was secured in a way that made effective action impossible. He snarled in anger and frustration. The driver pulled him along to the front door and rang the bell. About a minute later the front door opened and a woman Baldy hadn't seen before stood in the doorway.

(6:58 pm Wed Nov 17, 2010)

*** Sea Fan ***

Sea Fan. See fan. See sea fan. Fan sea. Fan sea fan.

Sea. A large body of salt water. The seven seas.

Fan. A fanatic. A person devoted to a sport or another pursuit or pastime. etc.

Hence a sea fan is one devoted to the sea. A person who is highly enthusiastic about some oceanic activity.

Or it could be a soft coral that grows in the shape of a fan. You never know.

(7:11 pm Wed Nov 17, 2010)

(7:50 pm Wed Nov 17, 2010) 37490

"What is it Max?" she asked the driver.

"Tell the boss I caught this mutt hanging around outside of his den window, looking in at him and growling," replied the driver.

"Why don't you just bring the dog in and tell him one time yourself?" suggested the woman.

The driver dragged Baldy into the house and along a hall to the den. "Hey boss, look what I caught spying on you. I don't think he likes you very much. He was standing at the window growling at you when I came up from behind and caught him in my noose."

"Good work Max. I don't like being spied on. Well now pooch, what are you doing around here?" asked the shop keeper.

Baldy growled and then barked, "Where's Mary you jerk! And give me back my gold!"

"Oh, he is a bit feisty, isn't he?" said the shop keeper. "You know, something about this dog looks familiar. I think this is the dog who was been bother me at the shop for a while now. Do me a favour Max, take him down and lock him up. We can deal with him tomorrow. I need to relax tonight."

"Sure thing boss," replied Max, dragging Baldy back out of the Den and along the corridor.

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(9:11 pm Wed Nov 17, 2010)

It is getting close to panic time now gentle reader. time is getting away from me and if I don't pull a verbal rabbit out of the hat, I may not make it to quota tonight. Help!

Cafefornia, your girls are so pretty
Cafefornia, your girls are so sweet
Cafefornia, I love to lie on your beaches
Cafefornia, I love to walk on your streets
In the evening, when the stars are out playing
In the morning, when the sun tries to rise
Cafefornia, I love to drive on your highways
Cafefornia, I love to climb your peaks
Oh Cafefornia
Oh Cafefornia

Well, that will help a bit.

No one knows where the bad man goes
When he's sneaking around
When he's roaming your town.
No one knows how the bad man thinks
But one thing we know is
His thinking stinks
When he's sneaking around
When he's roaming your town.

And that should help a bit more.

*** Quail ***

Last quarter now gentle reader.

Quail. Bob White. Quail. Some bird. Quail. Dust. Quail. Turns out you have Old World quails and New World quails. I did not know that until recently. Very recently. The Bobwhite is my kind of quail.

Quail roost. Quail ridge. Quail springs. Quail hollow. Quail brook.

Quail. Nail. Sail. Flail. Mail. Male. Bail. Bale. Grail. Growl.

Baldy was thrown into a cell and the bars slammed shut behind him. "Have fun tonight." laughed Max. "You wont be having fun in the morning."

Baldy watched him leave and then got up and walked over and jumped up on the thin cot and lay down to rest. The long run earlier had him tired out.

Meanwhile, (no, not back at the ranch, sorry western lovers) Buster had found a way onto the property for the rest of the pack. It involved a little swim in the lake and some were reluctant. This may surprise you gentler reader but although this is an island nation where our story is taking place, many of the local canine population are not good swimmers. Buster was able to coax the reluctant ones into the water finally and once they went in, it wasn't too long before he had the pack assembled on the shore. Dripping wet but ready for action.

"OK, I am going to fly back up quickly and see how Baldy wants us to deal with this situation." Off he flew. Only to return a short while later. "Not good guys, there is no sign of Baldy anywhere. What should we do?"

They discussed things for a while but no one had any stellar ideas and in the end they could not come up with a plan of attack that they could agree on.

What they finally decided to do was to call Killer and get him to bring his portion of the pack. At the same time, Buster was to go to the other side of the lake and recruit some more gulls if they were willing as well as to fly out and speak to Zevelyn to see if he would be willing to help and to enlist some more owls to help as well.

(9:45 pm Wed Nov 17, 2010)

Well gentle reader. We are close now and I am over tired once again for some reason so let's just have a little chat for a while and then call it a day shall we?

So, how was your day? Overall, mine was fine despite the novelling fun and blockage. I am looking forward to writing on the weekend and seeing if I can manage some double days or better. If I do alright tomorrow, I should hit forty thousand words by the end of the night. Then it might be possible to come close to fifty thousand by the end of the weekend. If not, so be it but it would be nice. Very nice.

And that's a wrap gentle reader.

[ Mon Nov 15, 2010 - night ]

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