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14. Baldy Nov 14 Sun

(8:08 am Sun Nov 14, 2010)

[ Fri Nov 11, 2010 - mid-morning ]

Well gentle reader, I have just been informed that I have to go dig another grave. Somehow I have ended up being the designated grave digger for family and friends. Well, some friends at least. This is going to result in a later start for today's writing.

(10:47 am Sun Nov 14, 2010)

Well, the grave is dug, the burying done and goodbyes said. So long Louie.

Now my back hurts and I am hoping my hands are OK, the gloves were too stiff to wear. We shall see.

*** Sassy ***

Sassy - Fresh. As in "Mmmmm, this mango is so sassy and tasty!" Sorry, couldn't resist.

Sassy - Fresh, cheeky, saucy.

Here comes Sassy, Sass Sass-a-lassy.

Or is that:

Here comes sassy, sa sa sa lasee.

(11:56 am Sun Nov 14, 2010)

Still slipping away. Is time flowing? Can the flow of time have a flow? As in what is the hourly flow of time currently? You know, as in what is the hourly flow of water at the moment? A million gallons an hour? Wow!

Oooooh, I just found this flow conversion page:

Enjoy. Doesn't deal with time flow. Hours per hour? Huh?

Don't you try sass me today chile. I een in no mood fa none a your sass and I een up fa no lip from you nohow.

(2:22 pm Sun Nov 14, 2010)

No energy. No drive. No ideas. No coherent words. Just an empty feeling. Just a weariness. Just a lethargy. A bone tired emptiness. Blocked. Fighting to break the chains. On the edge. A desire to write the day off and be done with it. I am ahead of schedule to make fifty thousand words by the end of the month. Why not? Why fight the feeling?

when you're home and lonely
on a friday night
baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright

when the days grow longer
and the night's too bright
baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright

baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright
baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright

when your best emotion's
either fight or flight
baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright

when your heart comes crashin
to the ground at night
baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright

baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright
baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright

Helpful in one way sure. But in another way, not helpful at all. I need a reason to fight the feeling. I need a reason to push forward. Against the odds. To swim against the tide. No matter how foolish. Or at least a plan to get to the beach. Perhaps I need to let the tide take me for a bit until it slackens and I can move parallel to the flow and then sneak around and come to shore from another direction once I am out of the main current.

*** Sister ***

Sister. Soul sister. Bold sister. Sister sister. Brother. Mother. Father. Who's ya people? Whose ma is your pa? I een fa dat.

So Mary finally left and Baldy and Buster were just about to go back to the house to look for the treasure stash when Baldy's band mates came banking he corner. "Hey Baldy, een you supposed to be heading for the beach?"

"What you know about me going to the beach? Who told you that?"

"A little bird told me." said Redbone, his bass player.

Baldy cut his eye toward Buster.

"Don't look at me!" cried Buster, "I don't even know these people."

Baldy looked back at Redbone, "Come on, give it up. Who told you?"

Redbone laughed, "Mary called me and asked me to get the band together and come by and make sure you and gully here went to the beach today."

"But," began Baldy.

"No buts," interrupted Redbone, "She also tole me to tell you that you would not find what you were looking for in the house because she took it with her. Whatever that means."

Baldy was furious. Furious with Mary. Furious with himself for getting outsmarted like that. But for all that, he knew when he was licked. He had to laugh. He must have been living with her for too long. She knew him too well now. Well, next time Mary, next time. "OK guys. The beach it is."

(2:59 pm Sun Nov 14, 2010)

They went to Adelaide by bus and roamed west along the shore. Horsing around and casuing minor trouble along the shore.

So they started about here gentle reader:,-77.488772&spn=0.002873,0.003664&t=h&z=18

Around lunch time, Buster flew out and caught some fish while Redbone and Baldy made a fire on the beach. Redbone cleaned and gutted Buster's catch and spitted them on a green casuarina branch to cook. Buster took some goat pepper and lime from his pockets and passed it around to everyone when the fish had cooked.

After lunch, they continued along the shore, keeping to the beach and water's edge as much as possible but cutting over to the road where necessary. They went al around the point and as far as the first Lyford Cay canals where they came out to to road for good and began to try and hitch a ride.

Where they started hitching:,-77.54307&spn=0.002873,0.003664&t=h&z=18

[ Fri Nov 11, 2010 - night ]

When the truck dropped them off near home, Baldy and Buster were exhausted and dead hungry and looking forward to some dinner and a good night's sleep.

The house was in darkness. There was no sign of Mary.

"Mary should be home by now," said Baldy, "she never stays out late unless she lets me know what she is doing. I don't like this at all."

"Maybe she has gone to sleep already. We are a bit late you know," replied Buster.

"Yeah, but she would have left a light on for me. Something has happened to her. I feel it in my bones. I don't like how this looks."

"Mary!" called Buster. "Mary! Are you here?"

"MARY! MARY!" yelled Baldy, running around the house and peering in all the windows.

(3:27 pm Sun Nov 14, 2010)

(3:49 pm Sun Nov 14, 2010)

No! Time bandits! Tiefs!

*** Slip ***

Slip. Yellow. Banana. Slip. Pink. Black. Slip. Knot. Slip. Not. Slip. Slide. Away. Time. Slip. Slide. Away. Future.

But Mary did not answer. The house remained in darkness. "MARY!"

"Hey Baldy, why are you making such a racket?" called Stan.

"Stan! Hey listen, have you seen Mary since this morning?"

"I don't think so, why?" replied Stan.

"She's not home and she should be."

"No, I am pretty sure I haven't seen her."

"Hey, can you ask the rat for me? You know how nosy he is, if she came back, he is almost sure to have seen her," asked Baldy.

"No man. Don't ask me to speak to that pain."

"Please Stan. This is important. I would ask him but you know he wont speak to me. Not since last year."

"No way Baldy, I am not speaking to him for you. If you want information from the rat you are going to have to ask him yourself."

"I can't. Hey Buster, would you ask him for us?" asked Baldy.

"So, what, I just have to ask someone if he has seen Mary today? Sure, I can do that. What is the big deal anyway?" asked Buster.

"You will find out," thought Baldy and Stan at the same time.

"Come over here and ring the doorbell and when you get the rat's attention, just call him by his name which is Rug and ask him," said Stan, "simple."

So Buster went next door and rang the doorbell. Inside, Rug went crazy. "Excuse me. Excuse me!" called Buster. "Can I ask you a question Mr. Rug, sir?"

Inside, Rug settled down a bit.

"Mr. Rug, sir? My name is Buster and I just wondered if I might ask you a small question?"

Rug settled down some more and Buster could hear him sniffing on the other side of the front door.

"Mr. Rug, sir? Buster here again. Um, I need to know if you have seen Mary since she left the house this morning and I have heard high praise for your powers of observation and so I thought to myself, if anyone would know if Mary has been back home since this morning it would be the keen eyed Mr. Rug. Who could be better to ask? I said to myself. So, Mr. Rug, sir, would you be so kind as to tell me if you have seen the lovely Mary today?"

A high pitched voice replied from the other side of the door, "Buster you say? That's a nice name. It's a good thing you were wise enough to ask me, unlike some people I know around here. I did see her get off the jitney two blocks over. She stopped into the corner store on the way here and I never saw her come out." said Rug.

*** Smooth ***

Smooth. Smooth moves. Smooth operator. No bumps. No waves. Smooth as glass. Legato. Smooth as a baby's... Shut your mouth. Smooth shave. Smooth road. Do they really exist? Smooth flight. Smooth passage.

And so gentle reader, I am on the last key word for the day. I must tell you that this effort today has been anything but smooth. But I may have managed to jump slick and find enough words to get where I needed to get. At least I hope that I can manage the last quarter before the night is through. Very close now to the fifty thousand quota of one thousand six hundred and sixty seven words and not too far from my self set two thousand words. I am feeling a little bit better inside now that I see that. Soon and very soon. Better late than never. Bam Sookie!

(4:34 pm Sun Nov 14, 2010) 31857

"Do you know what time that was Mr. Rug, sir?" asked Buster.

"I think it was around four o'clock this afternoon," replied Rug.

"Thanks so much for the information Mr. Rug sir, the information I received concerning your powers of observation were not an exaggeration," said Buster. "I will see you around."

"You are most welcome," replied Rug, "It was a pleasure talking with you sir."

Buster went back to Mary's yard to the porch where Baldy was waiting, Stan went with him.

"Did you get any info from the rat?" asked Baldy.

"I would not have believed it if I hadn't heard it with my own ears," said Stan.

"Yes, I got some information from Mr. Rug," said Buster.

"Well, spill it quick!" said Baldy.

"He says Mary got off the jitney at about four o'clock this afternoon and that she went into the corner store but that she never came out," said Buster.

(4:48 pm Sun Nov 14, 2010)

Well, gentle reader, I am well enough on that I can take a break and go for a little family dinner and try and finish up when I get home. It feels good to be at that point now and not to have to stay home and miss the little gathering. See you when I get back if things work out.

(8:03 pm Sun Nov 14, 2010)

Back. On the home stretch.

"Well, let's go down there now and see if she is still there or if they can tell us something. She may have left while the rat was not looking," said Baldy.

They went down to the corner store but there was no sigh of Mary. Baldy thought he caught a faint whiff of her scent but the store had just been cleaned up and the bleach smell was blocking his nose. When they tried to ask if anyone had seen her the storekeeper ran them out of the store.

There was something about the storekeeper that Baldy did not like but Stan told him it was just because he had been run out of the store.

[ Fri Nov 11, 2010 - night ]

(8:20 pm Sun Nov 14, 2010) 32222

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