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10. Baldy Nov 10 Wed

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Now that is what you call some high class procrastination there gentle reader. So anyway, I have been jotting down some more lyrics ideas and bits since I last posted the link for you. You might want to check it out again.

Here is the last one from yesterday:

If we could fly away
Into the sky always
If we could laugh
If we could love
If we could sing
I'd tell you anything
To make your young heart ring
I'd put a smile
On your face
And on your finger I would put
This golden ring
I am a lifetime man
Right next to you I'd stand
We'd let the days
Pass away
Hand in hand

And here is the first one from today:

I got a gal and she stands for something
Says I got to try me some downtown loving
So I take her out to the club on the weekend
But she says boy I'd rather be sneaking
Home with you for dancing on the back porch
Kisses me my heart glows like a lit torch

The one from today came to me in the car on the way to work while sitting in traffic. I had to repeat it over and over and send it to myself in an email once I got there. I tend to send a lot of things to myself via emails. Lots of reminders of things I need to do for one.

Now if only I can get some of my musically inclined buddies to start getting some music together for some of these lyrics, perhaps we can have something new and nano for you to listen to as you read these humble words gentle reader.

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*** Tourist ***

Tourist. Tourist gal. Island boys know the phrase. Some of you marry them. You know who you are my friends. Many people seem to have a love / hate relationship with the tourist. With the very concept of the tourist. I get the feeling some *may* have thought things through and come to their positions but I also get the feeling that some are reacting on a gut level to a larger system that makes them uneasy rather than to to tourist himself. (Or herself if you need that pronoun to get the idea. I may have that little discussion with you later gentle reader if we haven't had it before, but for now I would like to press on no matter how crooked or convoluted the path.)

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(4:45 pm Wed Nov 10, 2010)

What did I tell you about high class procrastination gentle reader? What do they say? Never put off until tomorrow what you can put off until next week? I am generally pretty good at that. Now, when it comes to NaNo writing, one cannot afford such luxuries. One must press on, even in the face of having no plot and no where to go with your characters. Truthfully, gentle reader, that could be one of the reasons I spend so much time chatting with you rather than advancing the action.

There, I've said it. As if it wasn't plain for all to see beforehand anyway.

*** Shark ***

So you see gentle reader, between our little chat and the slick word strategy, we have over five hundred words already today. Over one quarter of the number of words in my daily goal and we have not advanced the book's plot by one word yet. We have not even mentioned one of the characters. Well, let's put an end to that little problem shall we?

Baldy! He is the title character after all is he not gentle reader.

(4:45 pm Wed Nov 10, 2010) 22559

(5:31 pm Wed Nov 10, 2010)

See what did I tell you about high class procrastination gentle reader? Quite something isn't it.

You know, now that I have let the cat out of the bag. Now that I have stated the obvious. Now, now, now... Yes, well, now I am tempted to do a day where I don't advance the story at all. I am almost sorry that I went and mentioned Baldy there. I refuse to edit that out though, I will not sacrifice my NaNo word count to any urge to edit. I will not, not I won't!

That said, I may let that be the first and next to last mention of a story character for the day.

So, shark....

Shark. Bull shark. Hammerhead shark. Tiger shark. Reef shark. Great white shark. I could go on.

(6:04 pm Wed Nov 10, 2010)

Well that is all well and good but just because I do not intend to do story progressing writing today does not mean that I can afford these frequent lapses into procrastination.

Have you ever run into a shark while swimming gentle reader? Well, around here it happens. My personal rule of thumb is to get out of the water when I see one. I may give myself a little more leeway with a nurse shark but that is about it. And even with a nurse, my practice is to leave them well alone.

So, what else can one do in a NaNoWriMo Novel when one is not advancing the story. Perhaps I should not have taken this decision after all. In any case, now that I have I will stick with it. Even if it means not... no wait, I can't write that. that would be discussing the plot and the events of the novel and I am trying not to do that.

OK, gentle reader, I am now sitting here sipping an unnamed beverage. I can let you know that it is sweet though. Some might also say it is a bit thick but I am not sure I would use that term. Looking forward to getting halfway through the day's quota of words and looking forward to dinner as well.

Well, that covers the halfway bit. Dinner is still a short way off at least.

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*** Pigeon Plum ***

Pigeon plum. Let's break it down shall we?

Pigeon - a species of flying rat. At least that's how one of my cousins defines them, You can search out another definition for yourself if this one does not satisfy your intellectual rigour.

Plum - an edible fruit. Smooth skin. Single hard stone or pit.

And so we get the Pigeon plum. A small purple fruit with a single pit. Not sure how hard it is compared to other pits. Supposedly the flying rats like to eat them. I guess that is how they got their name. I like to eat them even though by all accounts I am not a flying rat. At least I hope not. I have a tree in the back yard. The fruits are young and green. Not yet ready to eat. A bit of a shame that. I just went out and checked for you. If they had been ripe, I could perhaps have emailed you a few. I am not sure how the taste would survive the process though.

This may slow me up a bit gentle reader but why don't we listen to some Libre Music together? Let me look through my Midnight Freedom Show listing and see what I can find that might interest you.

The first song is from the album 2 Days A Night by The Liquid Kitchen. It can be found on Jamendo at the following link:
The license given on the album page is Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported which can be found at this link:
This license is Approved for Free Cultural Works as defined here:

With all the preliminaries out of the way, the song is Mexico by The Liquid Kitchen and it can be found at this link:

How did you like that one? The reason I chose it first is because my music player which currently chooses songs from my playlist at random has been playing A lot of The Liquid Kitchen's stuff for me lately. And with an eerie coincidence to when I see them posting online.

/me makes eerie noises and goes all ghostal on you.

Let me find another one for you.

OK, the second song is from the album Square Times by Hobo Twang. It can be found on Jamendo at the following link:
The license given on the album page is Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 German which can be found at this link:
This license is Approved for Free Cultural Works as defined here:

With all the preliminaries out of the way, the song is the good thing about being lonely by Hobo Twang and it can be found at this link:
I hope you enjoy the laid back feel of this one. Sloppy feel even.

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(7:47 pm Wed Nov 10, 2010)

*** Whaler ***

Immediately I think of Boston Whaler and from there to seeing one cut in half and still floating. After that I think of their competition which was the Cape Dory. AT least that is what my possibly faulty memory is telling me at the moment. Trying to search the net to confirm it though is only turning up evidence of sail boats. Perhaps it was another word before the word Dory. Help family. If anyone is speaking with Johnny at Nippers perhaps he will remember.

Whaler - a boat that hunts whales.

Whaler - a man who works on such a boat.

Back in the day there was a large whaling industry based in New England in the United States. Boston is in New England. Perhaps that is where the Boston Whaler gets its name. What do you say gentle reader?

Well, I am slowing right down now gentle reader. The words are coming slow and with great difficulty. The desire to stop and pack it in for the night is growing. Distractions abound. They shall remain nameless.

Here is something I don't think I mentioned before gentle reader. You can find me on here:

Drop by sometime for a little chat if you like.

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So let's see. Let's go on a little ramble. Let's try and draw a goodly number of words from that old word well shall we. Now we have had shark and we have just had whaler and whaler reminds me of whale and that brings up the old versus question of which would win, a killer whale or a great white shark. So which do you think? Somehow I have never seen the question of which would win, a sperm whale or a great white shark. What gives? Well, a little search shows that there is some discussion of this last versus going on on the net.

Ouch. Slowing down even more. Slowing right down. S l o w i n g. R i g h t. D o w n. Help!

Desperate now for a few hundred more words. Let's try some word association trains.

Whaler, whale, mammal, aquatic, water, liquid, wet, dry, desert, well, sick, tired, worn out, sleep, rested, night, morning, sunrise, sun, fire, heat, warm, fuzzy, lint, belly button, navel inspector, back seat driver's license, way ahead of second place, weather wood, novelty, novel, magazine, comic, stand up, sit down, laid out, spread out, cluster, clump, chump, chomp, bite, mouth, tooth, Toothe, nail, screw, scrooge, tightwad, tight, loose, lose, find, lost, found, foundry, factory, store, mine, farm, field, studio, yours, mine, ours, his, hers, theirs, whose, hose, garden, yard, foot, inch, rod, mile, league, fathom, down, depth, deep, depths, trench, tongue, abyss, aby, Abby, shabby, baby, bay, gulf, isthmus, island, continent, plate, shelf, cupboard, counter, countess, count, duke, earl, dragon, dragoon, doubloon, oops, sorry, did, not, do, that, oh, yes, deal, with, it, lizard, frog, toad, slug, forty four, bigger, elephant, gun, pistol, rifle, shotgun, revolver, derringer, crossbow, longbow, spear, club, band, dance, sing, singer, drummer, guitar, bass, keyboards, sax, trumpet, harp, kazoo, wazoo, wahoo, dolphin, barracuda, barber, barbell, weight, load, unload, carry, tote, total, sum, parts, partition.

(9:24 pm Wed Nov 10, 2010)

Well, that took forever but it was a low stress burning of time. No real worries about my grammar there lately. You know what I mean gentle reader?

Tell me gentle reader, on the off chance that this book ever gets made as an audio book or if you ever put it through a text to speech algorithm, should I refer to you as gentle listener from time to time?

And with that I bid you good night gentle listener.

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