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12. Baldy Nov 12 Fri

(7:52 am Fri Nov 12, 2010)

*** Curb ***

Curb - keep in check, lower the intensity

Curb - Where the edge of the sidewalk meets the street.

Curb - special horse bit to keep it in check.

Curb your enthusiasm. Curb your tongue. He got kicked to the curb.

[ Wed Nov 10, 2010 - afternoon ]

After Baldy called for Stan the fun broke loose. Killer and crew rushed in at speed.

Now gentle reader, it is likely that just the sight of Killer as he entered the fray may have been enough to carry the day, that is just idle speculation now because that is not all that happened.

I must tell you that Prince considered himself somewhat of a brawler, what with his pit bull heritage and all and he probably would not have run off at the sight of killer, and he did try to get his pack to form up ranks when he saw what was happening, but by that time it was too late. His pack of pot cakes had already turned tail and were trying to escape.

Prince picked out Killer and decided to go for it. Perhaps a good example might rally his troops. Well, his pit bull heritage gave him the heart to jump into the battle but his chow side let him down. You might find yourself wondering how Prince's chow side let him down but Killer's potcake side did not get in his way. All I can say is that Killer's potcake side was from a line of large martial minded potcakes. As a small aside, his mother's name was Rita.

For a while Prince was almost holding his own against Killer while losing a little ground but then Baldy went supersonic. What can I say. That was that. It was all over before it had even gotten well started.

Prince and pack were backed into a corner and Baldy and Prince stood shoulder to shoulder facing them with their larger pack arrayed behind them.

"Let's have them," grinned Baldy panting slightly.

Prince played dumb, "Have what?" he asked.

"Baldy growled, "Don't even try dat ma brudda, That een ga play today. Hand over the doubloons and gems you took from me. And be quick! Killer, would you collect them please?"

Killer stepped forward and that was enough to get the ball rolling. First a scrawny little potcake in the back named Conch stepped forward offering his new collar with its doubloon pendant. Prince growled at him and he put his tail between his legs and cowered but still extended his collar for Killer to collect.

So Conch got the ball rolling and before long Killer had everything but the collar that still hung on Prince's neck.

Prince was conflicted, Baldy recognized this and wanted to let him save a little face in front of his pack but he also could not afford to leave without a possible clue. Buster saw it too and flew down and landed on Baldy's shoulder and whispered in his ear, "I can see what you are thinking and it is a good idea, you should let him keep it."

Baldy mumbled back out of the side of his mouth, "I know, but we might be leaving behind a valuable clue. We can't afford to do that."

"Well, I have an idea, let's examine it and compare it to the others to see if it is different in any way. Plus," said Buster, pulling a digital camera out of his pocket, "we could take some close up pictures of it and even a short video and then we could let him keep it."

"That is a good idea Coops," said Baldy. Then he motioned for Prince to come over. "I think I might be able to leave that with you if we can work something out.

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(2:26 pm Fri Nov 12, 2010)

*** Potcake ***

These words from years seem strangely appropriate recently. Just checking and see that I have been making it into two words this year. I guess I have been word padding behind my back. Looks like only three times so far though so I haven't gained all that much. Wow, the potcake has its own wikipedia page:

Mind you, if you read that article just know that there are other takes on exactly what a potcake is...

Prince came over slowly, suspecting a trick. "What's so important about these things anyway? We took them off you fair and square. There was no need to come back around here bringing an oversize army trying to get them back."

"Why they are important to us is no concern of yours. We came to get them back and we got them back and that is all you need to know. Like I say, I think I will let you keep that one for your trouble but I need to make sure I can afford to by examining it first before aI will know for sure. Hand it over."

Reluctantly, Prince took off his collar and handed it to Baldy, "Here then, take it."

Baldy took it and he an Buster took everything that had been recovered and walked over to a quiet spot under an almond tree to look things over.

"Does this look like everything that was in the box originally?" asked Buster.

"I think so, let's take everything off of the collars and see what sort of a pile they make," replied Baldy.

(2:52 pm Fri Nov 12, 2010)

(3:34 pm Fri Nov 12, 2010)

Buster pulled a beam balance out of his pocket, "Here, why not use this to see if all the doubloons weigh the same for a start?"

"Good idea, where did you get that?" asked Baldy.

"I bought it down south in the islands when I was younger," replied Buster, setting the balance on the ground. "Here, put on doubloon in one pan and one in the other."

It took them a while but they determined that all of the coins weighted the same which surprised Baldy a little seeing as they were not exactly uniform in shape.

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*** Bondo ***

A very popular putty in the islands. Much more popular than that sill putty. Gives rise to the term Bondo Box which is used to describe a vehicle repaired with lots of the putty. Often driven on the roads in a state where the repairs are still visible due to the fact that the vehicle has not been repainted or not repainted properly.

Looked for images of bondo boxes and came up blank so I had this little idea. Take a picture of a bondo box in your area. Put it somewhere on the net under a CC BY-SA or a CC BY license and let is know about it at this link:
Baldy - bondo box picture contest. As a prize, the winner gets named the winner. Woot.

"OK, so thay all weigh the same," said Buster, "now lets look them over carefully to see if they have any special markings that might indicate a clue of some kind.

That took them a while too but they did not see anything special. Baldy took Prince's doubloon and collar and put them back together, "Well, let's give this back and then head home with everything else," said Baldy.

By the way gentle reader, I think Franky's truck was a bondo box.... Don't tell him I said that though.

(4:06 pm Fri Nov 12, 2010)

[ Wed Nov 10, 2010 - night ]

Mary, Baldy, and Buster are sitting at the dining table with the map and the box and the boxes original contents laid out on the table cloth. Mary has just finished examining everything, the map and the box again and the coins and the gems for the first time.

"I am still not seeing anything new or helpful," said Mary.

"What are we going to do?" moaned Baldy, "I have big plans for my share of the treasure, I've just got to find it soon!"

(5:24 pm Fri Nov 12, 2010)

Trouble gentle reader. Headache, temporal black hole, outing tonight, brain block. What to do? Hmmm, seems we have an odd alignment between novel problem and novelling problem even those currently novel time and novelling time are seriously unsynced. At least we have the same plea in both places and I don't know if you will trust me on this gentle reader but that parallel was not planned and not even noticed until after it existed.

Well, gentle reader, I have just been informed by a friend that the term google wants to find the images I was looking for is bondomobile. Go figure. However, looking at those images, I think you can do better. The contest is still on. No entry fee. ~;-)

*** CB ***

Ten four good buddy. Citizens Band. A rock band with rotating members consisting of citizens only. Of course it remains to be seen which countries they may be citizens of.

Well, they discussed things. Back and forth. Around in circles. Over and over. But they got nowhere. Fast. Slow. Take your pick. Finally, Mary stood up and gathered up everything and went and hid it all again. Then the house all went to sleep. Baldy and Buster outside in the dilly tree.

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[ Fri Nov 11, 2010 - morning ]

So gentle reader, I can't decide yet. Did I give my characters a day off? Did nothing happen yesterday? Is it a missing day that I don't understand? Did they all oversleep and wake up a day later? What could it be?

Baldy woke up groggy. Was that one fantastic party or ws that all a dream? He groaned. Stood up. Shook himself. Bent forward and stretched. Almost fell out of his tree. Whoa. Take it easy. "Hey Buster, you up?"

Buster opened his eyes, his sleep filled eyes. "What happened?" he asked, "My head feels like it is filled with cotton."

"My mouth feels like an army has just marched through it. I need some breakfast. Hey Mary, you up?" called Baldy.

Mary was on the front porch in her rocker, sipping some herbal tea. The morning paper on her lap. "Right here you two sleepy heads. About time you got up. Come on down and let me get you a cup and I will get your breakfast started."

(5:57 pm Fri Nov 12, 2010)

Running out of time now gentle reader. I need to get ready to go out and I am not at two thousand words for the day yet. What shall I do, what shall I do.

A quick ramble? A little of this and a little of that.

Closer now gentle reader. Closer. Almost there. The hour of six has just rolled over and I have to squeeze out just a few more words. All in a rush. Am I there yet? I must take a quick count.

There. Sweet. Done. Perhaps a few more if I get home early enough.

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