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18. Baldy Nov 18 Thu

(2:25 pm Thu Nov 18, 2010)

[ Mon Nov 15, 2010 - night ]

*** Opaque ***

Opaque. Doesn't transmit light. Doesn't reflect light. Doesn't emit light. At least not a a lot of it. So to speak.

Opaque. Obscurity of meaning resulting in little light being shed on the subject. So to speak.

My reasons for choosing this word are opaque, even to me.

[ Tue Nov 16, 2010 - about one am ]

Baldy was dreaming of Mary. Dreaming of the simple good times back at the house. Dreaming of his bed in the dilly tree. Dreaming of early mornings on the porch. Of quiet contentment, of comfortable companionship. Of loving breakfasts. He could smell her tea and bacon, mmmmm bacon. Mary made him a strip of bacon on special occasions. Baldy loved bacon. And the smell of bacon. The smell of bacon fresh out of the frying pan. He could smell it now. The only thing he loved better than the smell of bacon was the smell of Mary. Sweet, kind, loving Mary. He could smell her now.

Baldy woke up. He could smell her now.

He could. This was not the remembered smell of his dream. He could smell Mary now. Here. She was somewhere nearby.

Baldy got up and went to the door of his cell. He tried to look out but it was dark and the angles were bad. he called out quietly, "Mary. Mary are you here? Can you hear me? Come on Mary, answer me."

But there was no reply.

He tried for several hours to get a response with no results. Finally he went and lay down on the cot again to rest and see what would develop.

He dozed. Eventually he fell into a deeper sleep and dreamed again. In his dreams he and Mary were on the beach sitting around a fire and cooking their lunch. Buster was sitting on top of Mary's beach umbrella and looking intently offshore where a flock of his kin were dive bombing what must have been a school of fish under attack from below. Baldy did not envy those fish. Attacked from below by larger fish and from above by gulls. Not a fun position to be in.

[ Tue Nov 16, 2010 - sunrise ]

Baldy woke up alarmed. He woke up to the lack of Mary's scent. He jumped down and raced to the front of the cell and looked out. Although it was light, there was still nothing to see as the angles were bad. He took a deep breath through his nose, trying to detect Mary. There was still a faint lingering of her presence but it was plain that she was no longer nearby. He howled. He kept howling. It was a pretty good imitation of a wolf pack.

(2:58 pm Thu Nov 18, 2010)

(3:37 pm Thu Nov 18, 2010)

Well, the howling did no good. No one came. The house was quiet. He was alone. Hey lay back down and slept. Exhausted. He dreamed of Mary.

[ Tue Nov 16, 2010 - about seven am ]

Meanwhile, back with the pack... The reinforcements trickled in during the night. About two dozen gulls arrived very quickly and set up a watch on the entire property. They were to report any movements and also follow anyone leaving the property and report their movements as well. Killer and his part of the pack had arrived next about an hour after being called.

About an hour before sunrise, Max had come down from the upper floor above the garage and brought the limo to the front door. The shop keeper opened the front door to the house as he pulled up and got out of the vehicle, leaving it idling. He went into the house and a short while later, he and the shop keeper had come out supporting a woman between them who looked to be sleeping or drugged and put her into the back of the lime. Then they had gone back into the house only to return a short time later supporting another woman in the same fashion. The had put her in the back as well and then the shop keeper had gotten in the back with the two women and Max had gotten in the front behind the wheel and pulled off.

In the sky the gulls saw this and five were detailed to follow the Limo and report on its travels. One to keep tabs on each person and one on the limo itself.

The last of the reinforcements to arrive, about a half an hour before sunrise was Buster, Zevelyn and six other owls.

(3:53 pm Thu Nov 18, 2010)

*** Under ***

Under. Below. Beneath. Under water. Underwear. Under perform. Under study. (Break a leg.) Under achieve. Under cover. Undertake. Undertaker. Undertaking. Under stormy skies. Under the gun. Under the microscope. Understand. Understood?

The remaining gulls filled everyone in on what had happened up at the house. Buster and Killer made them go over the scene up at the house again paying particular attention to exactly who went into the car. Making sure that they had not seen Baldy being put into the car.

"OK, so you are one hundred percent sure you did not see them put a dog into the limo?" asked Killer.

"Yes, one hundred percent. Four people got into the car, that's all." replied one of the gulls.

"Hmmm," mused Buster, "they could have put Baldy into the trunk of the limo before they took it out of the garage."

(4:21 pm Thu Nov 18, 2010)

"Yeah, or he could still be in the house or garage," said Killer. "I say we break in and search the house and garage and then deal with the limo and friends after we see what we find."

(5:12 pm Thu Nov 18, 2010)

He dreamed a number of dreams. In the latest, Mary was running along a path through dense bush, looking over her shoulder and whimpering from time to time. Something was obviously chasing her but in the dream, Baldy could not see what that something was. Its aura was one of danger and darkness. As the was getting to an area where the bush was not as thick and more sunlight filtered through the canopy overhead, the path curved to the right. Coming out of the curve Mary disappeared amidst screams and a mini storm of refuse, leaves, and what not. She had fallen into a deep pit and was sinking down into a sort of quicksand made of doubloons and gems. She screamed to Baldy for help. Baldy! Baldy woke up to the sound of his name being called from a distance. "Mary! Mary are you OK?" he shouted.

"Baldy!" called Killer, "Baldy, where are you?"

"Hey!" he yelled, "I'm down here!"

Killer and Buster came charging down the stairs to the cells. "What happened to you?" asked Killer?

"The driver caught me looking in the window at the shop keeper and brought me in for questioning. The shop keeper had one of my doubloons, I am sure of it. Anyway, I wouldn't tell them anything and they put me down here for the night. I haven't seen them since."

"They aren't here, they left in the limo earlier this morning," said Buster, "I'm just glad that you're OK."

"They're gone? Did you find Mary?" asked Baldy.

"Mary? Why would we find her?" asked Buster.

"She was here last night, that's why! What about the other woman? Let's go ask her where they have Mary hidden," growled Baldy.

"Baldy, there is no one left in the house or in the garage. Everyone here left in the Limo this morning before I got here," said Killer.

(5:40 pm Thu Nov 18, 2010)

*** Vibe ***

Vibe. Das a wibe. Vibrate. Vibration. Vibrations. Good vibrations. A bad vibe. We be vibing. Vibrapohone. Sympathetic vibrations.

"Well we have to go find them then! they have Mary!" cried Baldy.

(6:25 pm Thu Nov 18, 2010)

"We are ahead of you on that," said Buster.

"Yes," butted in Killer, "Buster here has rounded up some gulls and some owls for the cause. We have a team of gulls following the Limo. They aren't going to get away."

"Great. Are you sure Mary is nowhere on the grounds though. We don't want to go off chasing a limo while she is hidden away somewhere here," said Baldy.

"We searched everywhere looking for you. We would have found her too if she had been here," said Buster.

"I don't trust these guys," said Baldy, "they like secret passages. Can we leave a team here to keep searching and in case they come back while the rest of us go and deal with the limo and whoever is in it?"

"That sounds like a plan," replied Killer, "Let's get moving.

(7:12 pm Thu Nov 18, 2010)

Thanks a lot. Parr for the course.

(7:21 pm Thu Nov 18, 2010)

Outside of the house, they assigned duties to all of the players and radioed the gulls tailing the limo for an update.

They learned that one man had been dropped off at the docks and that the limo had then headed up east and was currently parked by the side of the road near the rugby field.

[ Tue Nov 16, 2010 - about ten thirty am ]

*** Young ***

Young and free.

I was born young. I had to fight for my freedom.

Young. Immature.

Young. Youthful.

Young. The young.

Young. Old.

They say only the good die young. I wonder about that sometimes. Do the good ever die old? Do the bad ever die young?

Baldy, Buster, Killer, Zevelyn and the rest of the crew headed east, leaving a team behind to continue searching the buildings and grounds.

They had some trouble making jitney connections and had to do a good amount of running and flying. Their mad dashing caused quite a commotion in a number of places along their route.

As they hit Fox Hill they got a radio message that the limo was on the move, heading towards Yamacraw. Some cut through Fox Hill while others kept heading east along the Eastern Road.

The next radio message informed them that the limo had headed east along Yamacraw Road.

When the group heading through Fox Hill hit Prince Charles, it split up, some heading east on Prince Charles and some continuing south towards Her Majesty's Prison.

Another radio message came in that the limo was once again parked, this time under a tree near the T junction where Prince Charles ended.

"We have him," said Baldy, pushing his speed higher.

The teams converged on the limo from three directions, all in constant radio contact. The radios kindly supplied courtesy of Buster's pocket. Naturally.

(7:51 pm Thu Nov 18, 2010) 40204

"OK everyone," radioed Killer, "we need someone to sneak in an let the air out of the tires so they can't escape when we rush them."

"The gulls can handle that," offered Buster. "A few of us can fly down in front of the limo and put on a distracting little fight over some food while four hit the tires and let the air out."

"Great. Signal us when we should rush the bums," said Baldy, I want to get my teeth into Max."

The plan went off without a hitch. The air went out. The signal was sent and the rush want down. The limo was taken and the driver was taken down.

Then things went to pot.

"Enough!" came a shout from one of the women in the back seat. "No more or she gets it!"

Baldy looked and saw the woman who answered the door last night holding a knife to Mary's throat.

The whole team froze. Baldy couldn't. He was not about to lose Mary again. He went supersonic.

(8:30 pm Thu Nov 18, 2010)

(8:45 pm Thu Nov 18, 2010)

And that was that. Baldy took the knife and pulled Mary out of the limo and Killer took the woman down.

"Are you OK Mary?" cried Baldy licking her face with pure joy.

(8:47 pm Thu Nov 18, 2010)

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