Monday, November 1, 2010

00. Baldy Intro

So, this will be Baldy's intro.

So far at least.

OK, so Baldy - A Bahamian Shaggy Dog Story is a NaNo Novel being written for NaNoWriMo 2010.

A Word about the time and date markers that look like the following:

(5:59 pm Mon Nov 01, 2010)

These will be placed in the text and represent the time when they are typed. The sometimes represent the time in the story as well but not always. If you pay some sort of attention you may be able to figure out what is what but hopefully it will not unduly alter your understanding of the novel if you get something a bit wrong here.

I feel it is worth while to put the markers into the text to document the NaNo writing process should anyone be interested in working out how much time it takes to write fifty thousand or more words in a month and possible hazard a guess at where the time goes.

If I am lucky, you may notice bursts of words appearing in a short time. Then periods of time when I am sitting before the computer bot no words are making their appearance on the page. Times of writers block, times of procrastination practice. Whatever. Then some larger time spans will be when I am at work or sleeping or perhaps have met my daily quota early and have shut things down for the night. I haven't been documenting these longer purposeful breaks for you so far but I will try and remember to do so for the rest of the month and will try and go back and insert them where I can remember what is what. It should not be too hard to do that. I only just started today after all.


(6:06 pm Mon Nov 01, 2010)

(7:55 pm Mon Nov 01, 2010) 2009

I just thought of a little refinement. Once in a while I will include the current word count after the time and date as I have done above.

(7:55 pm Mon Nov 01, 2010) 2044

(4:13 pm Thu Nov 11, 2010)

I have just thought of another refinement / improvement. I will include the rough time on the novel or novel time in square brackets like so:

[ Mon Nov 01, 2010 - morning ]

I think I need this to keep track of things as I am getting a bit confuzled here.

(2:45 pm Fri Nov 12, 2010)

You can find my NaNoWriMo page here:

And here are links to all of my NaNo Novels that can be found on the net.

Tings - Anuddah Bahamian Novel :

Sayings - Deterred Bahamian Novel :

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Do to extensive quoting of period songs, Conch - A Bahamian Novel is not currently available online and will not be available online until I get the time and the gumption to edit / rewrite it in such a way as to remove the quotes. Or until the copyrights on those quotes run out if I never get around to it I guess. Not I may be just making fair use with those quotes but I do not want to walk that road at this point in my life.

And lest I forget...

Baldy - A Bahamian Shaggy Dog Story :

Growing daily if I can keep this all up.

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